Lessons and Blessings...

...for 2009

So the New Year has begun bringing with it unknown possibility. It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I have spent the last week doing some serious internal excavation wanting to take full advantage of this new beginning. I have learned many things this past year and God has blessed me and my family abundantly.

Life moves quickly whether I wish it too or not. It's all about relationship, with God and those He placed in my life to love and care for.

*I learned that in order to have the strength, perseverance and courage to face whatever God may have in store for me and my family, I need to be in constant conversation with Him. I need to spend dedicated time in communion with Him each and everyday. Without that I have no direction or plan to get where God is leading me to be.

* I am blessed to be loved unconditionally by my God. He wants me to be content and happy with the vocation He has directed me to. He also challenges me not be complacent or lazy with whatever work He has asked me to do. I am sorry to say that I disappoint Him pretty consistently, and yet He loves me still. I am in awe of His "agape" love.

*I learned that my family must always be my first priority, after my relationship with God. I am a wife and mother. These jobs are never ending. They change with each season of life. I am learning that these changes are sometimes fraught with worry and difficulty. God is asking me to trust Him more completely than ever before.

*I am blessed with a husband who is my path to sanctification. He also wishes me to reach every personal goal or dream I have ever had. I know that this is a wonderful blessing, not to be taken for granted, ever. I am to love my husband and care for his soul, his dreams and aspirations with the same ferocity that he supports me. As parents, we are to work together to help our son achieve all God has called him to be and to care for our daughter with as much love as our Blessed Mother gave her Son, Jesus. We don't have all the answers, but God does. Pray and Trust!

*I have learned that we do not walk this earth alone. We are part of a larger community. We are to be Christ to all those we meet, no matter how arduous that task may be. You never know if the one word or act of kindness you offer a stranger could be the only love they receive all day. Kindness is a wonderful virus, pass it on!

*I am blessed to be surrounded by a "spiritual sisterhood". These woman sustain me with prayer and I them. No prayer request is too small, too inconsequential. There are no little prayers! Prayer is what sustains us body, mind and spirit. Sometimes, we actually get to visit in person as well! God is good!

*I have learned that nothing in life comes without a price. Writing is hard work. Harder than I ever thought possible. It brings me to my knees some days, literally. Perseverance is the theme of night and day. I shall keep moving forward, keep writing. I will strive to do my best and to keep studying my craft. Learning is a life long adventure, so let's go!

*I am blessed to have the opportunity to "reach" out to the world and hopefully encourage those who read this blog to keep going, not give up. This to shall pass, it just might take awhile!

*I have learned that I only get one body, so I had better take good care of it. Fortitude is the name of the game. Doritos and other crunchy salty things are just not worth the damage they do. Moderation is key!

* I am blessed to be alive in the time that God has ordained for me. Obviously, He thinks I can do it. His grace is sufficient. I pray the self-confidence will come.

Passionate Perseverance is the name of the game for 2009! I hope that this New Year is filled with love, joy and many blessings for you and your family. May you always walk toward Christ. He is waiting with open arms. 

Happy New Year!