Prayers for Eddie...

On this Feast of Candlemas, please light a candle and pray for one of Courtney's special friends. Eddie is in the hospital recovering from back surgery. He had a rod placed last week to straighten his spine which had a 90% curvature creating havoc on his lungs and kidneys. This is the latest update from his mom, Kathy:

"Eddie is slowly moving in the right direction. He still has a long way to go. We have to get past the ventilator which is still in place, the diuretics :
that are helping with all the swelling and the kidney issue resulting from muscle tissue breakdown after surgery. He also has a bacterial infection which they are still not certain is a true pneumonia or is coming from somewhere else. He does have fluid on the lungs, so they are treating him as if he has a pneumonia."

EdBear and his family are precious to us. Please pray for his speedy recovery and return to good health. Also, please pray for his mom and dad who hold vigil by his side.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for Us!
Saint Bernadette, Pray for Us!