Inspiration from Queen Esther...

Today's readings hit home for me. The story of Esther has always inspired me. She had such faith and trust in Our Lord. She went on faith alone and poured out her heart before God for what she desired. She was not alone though. She had gathered her handmaids and her people and  they prayed together for their enemies to be defeated. I know first hand the power of intercessory prayers. It is a formidable thing when we gather in prayer lifting up one another. Know that today I will be in prayer and fasting for all of you doing the Lenten "Love Dare". God knows who you are.

This comes from today's meditation in The Word Among Us:
"The Book of Esther teaches us that we are not alone, and that we should never feel as if it all depends on us. As her prayer reveals, she believed that God really does guide us and give us wisdom to deal with difficult situations. Sometimes he answers with unmistakable miracles. But at other times, he helps us through more subtle, natural means. In Esther’s case, God used the love of a husband for his wife to save the Jewish people from extermination. This is one example of how his guidance can come to us in the whisper of a gentle breeze or in the words of a trusted friend."

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