A Miracle named Faith..

I just had to post about this miraculous little one named Faith. She is now 17 days old and the love of her young mother's life. What makes this such an amazing story is that her mother, who is un-wed and 23 years old, opted to bring this baby into the world even after she was given the diagnosis of anencephaly -a birth defect considered to be "incompatible with life." What a couragous affirmation of hope and trust in Christ and His plan for this child! 

The pictures just take your breath away as Faith smiles and even giggles. They recently discovered that Faith can hear, so now she is sung to and told 1000's of times a day she is loved.

Please keep both Mom and Faith in your prayers. Their cross is heavy and the journey difficult. I pray they hang on to the joy of the present moment and celebrate each step of the way, for life is truly precious.
Thanks Genevieve @ feminine-genius for letting us know about this wonderful story of Faith.