The Power of Prayer...

I am truly amazed at times by the power of the Internet and how many corners of the earth it reaches. We experienced this personally when we were going through Courtney's Campaign almost two years ago now. The power of the Internet to spread the word of someone who needs prayers and support is one of it's greatest gifts. 
I have been following MckMamas blog My Charming Kids for over a year now and been praying for Stellen since before he was born. I ask you to join me in prayer for him and his family. You can read their story here
God does bring forth good from all situations, and I know He will do so from this. Having lived in and out of the PICU with Courtney, I can empathize with all she and her little one are facing. The immediacy of possible death, accepting God's plan no matter what it is and the miracle needed to keep a peice of your heart here with you on earth.  May God be praised always through this wonderful family, no matter what He decides to allow.

Here is the news story that aired yesterday in Minnesota

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