Go Meet Kayleigh...

Dear Friends,
In the last sixteen years of my life, I have been witness to the incredible miracle that is my daughter Courtney's life. On a daily basis, God has sustained this household through every seizure, sickness, surgery and setback. I am blessed indeed to be the mother of this amazing tenacious young lady.

I have now been blogging for about 18 months or so and I have come across many other families that God has blessed in a similar way. Today I want you to meet Kayleigh. We have been praying for her and her family for many months now. Her time on this earth is short and her family needs your prayers in the next few days and weeks as this beautiful little girl goes home to rest in Gods arms for an eternity of love only the Father can give. I can only imagine the sorrow that her mama and daddy will experience, but their outlook is positive and filled with Our Lords grace. As I have read their blog over the past few months, I am humbled by it. Truly. To pray so hard for one outcome and then to accept another one that God has chosen for your family is an awesome thing. One that I continue to embrace anew each and everyday.
My daughter is still here with me and no matter how difficult or scary the future is, God sits right next to me on the sofa as His lovely mother, Our Blessed Lady sings my beautiful one to sleep each night. When the day comes for Courtney to run into Our Lords arms I hope that my heart will be filled with the same joy and hope the Freeman's are feeling.

May God be with you sweet Kayleigh. Be assured of Courtney's and our family's prayers until we get to meet you in heaven. May Gods peace reign in your mommy and daddy's hearts as they walk this path with you.
Love and Prayers,

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