Time is the BEST Gift...

I arose this morning to the birds singing and the sun gently caressing the horizon. There was a slight breeze in the trees that I noticed through the kitchen window as I went about my early morning routine in the still and quiet house. Tea brewing and breakfast started, I heard my sweet beautiful daughter start her morning humming, letting me know that my quiet time was done for the day. It's the best sound that my ears will ever hear, other than her laughter of course. It means I have been graced with another day filled with miracles and surprises. God is good.

As I lean over her side rail to give her kisses and
good morning hugs, my husband comes to stand beside me, puts his arm around me and whispers "Happy Mother's Day". I lean in to enjoy his warm embrace. I am so indebted to this man, the one God chose for me. Without him, I would not be celebrating this day as a mother. My heart is overflowing. Two of the most important people in my world are with me and I am so grateful for this moment. God is good.

As I care for Courtney and complete her morning routine, hubby takes over the last bits and I finish getting ready for Mass. The lumbering sounds of a gentle giant descend from above as he gallops down the stairs that have carried him to me each morning for the last ten years. How I have missed that sound this past year. Time does not stand still for any of us. My son leaps off the last step with great dramatic flair with his arms outstretched he announces "Happy Mother's Day! I am so glad you said yes to God and had me. You know your life would not be nearly as fun or exciting without me!". He hugs me like the bear of a man he is becoming and tells me quietly he loves me. He is right. My life would be downright boring without this very unique and special soul in it. God is good.

After rejoicing in the glory of the Eucharist during Mass, I enjoyed seeing new friends and old, hugging all the First Communicants and newly baptised little ones God has blessed my world with. Then we came home to wait for a very special lady. The one who said yes to God and had me almost 42 years ago. The one who walked with me through all the joy, pain, sorrow, confusion and insanity that defined my childhood and adolescence. This woman whom I have tried to emulate my whole adult life. A woman I am proud to call my dearest friend even though from the age of 13-17 I thought she was just trying to ruin my life. She arrives, hugs are dispensed and off we go together three generational branches of one vine. God is good.

I watch as my mother pushes my daughters wheelchair and my son walks beside her chatting about the ups and downs of college life.
"How did you do it Grandma? Find time to get everything done?" I listen quietly as my mother talks about her own struggles and encourages her grandson in his journey. "It's a marathon, not a race," she says. "One day at a time, one prayer at a time." I pray he will listen and take to heart all she will say. I know for a fact it's golden advice. God is good.

I watch my mother gently place Courtney's sun hat back on her head time and time again during our walk. Laughing and smiling reminding her granddaughter that she is more persistent and stubborn than her mother. I shake my head and concur, praising God each step of the way for that personality that refuses to give up, even in the face of impending suffering and inevitable death. I watch the two most precious woman in my life share a moment in time that will not come again and a tear slips down my face. God is good.

After sharing an outrageously delicious meal, we load up with iced coffees for the return walk home. The sun high in the sky is a wonder to behold. The light of Christ shining down on each of us as we stroll slowly enjoying every last breeze and sweet birdsong. I cannot help but smile, my heart singing for joy over how my special day has gone. Not one gift exchanged, just precious time spent with those that I love so very much. How could I ask for anything more? God is so very good!

As my wonderful mother prepares to leave, she slips me a card. I open it and read the following words:

*For My Daughter
When I look at you today,
I see what a wonderful mother
you are...

I see the strong
and independent woman
who has grown
from the brave little girl...

I see the same curiosity
that was in your eyes
the day you were born...

I see the wisdom
that is all your own...

I see the daughter
I've known forever
and have yet to fully know...

I see one of the greatest joys of my life...
Happy Mother's Day My Precious Daughter.

With tears streaming down my face I hug this woman who I call mother. I am blessed beyond measure. God is too good to me for I am not worthy to be loved in such a manner. However, I am grateful each and every day that My Lord disagrees with me! I hope that your Mother's Day was filled with joy, laughter and love. Maybe even a little chocolate too!


*Verses from a Carlton Greeting Card, Author Unknown