a chuckle or two...

Courtney and I are heading off to the doctors to begin the EEG. I thought I would post something I wrote two weeks ago in the midst of a seriously busy weekend. I think it adequately describes my feelings today. I am really struggling with my heart being happy these days. I am seeking God in every situation, I am. I just feel so out of control sometimes. I know that God is working with me on this issue. It just keeps popping up. So I will be obedient to Him today and serve as best I can. I have a question though. Do you ever feel like your the "Tidy Bowl Man"?

Enjoy...I will chime back in when we return all hooked up...
Flushed Away

Life has been extremely challenging lately. For the past six weeks Courtney's seizures have increased steadily and after her fifth EMT call while on the school bus, hubby and I have decided that I am driving her to and from school for the rest of the year. It's just safer that way.

So, with my son starting his new job this past week, hubby working as well and only two cars, the past five days have been trying to say the least. I feel like all I have done is watch Courtney seize and drive the van. On top of that, the wheelchair lift broke yesterday afternoon, I have a retreat dinner for 50 to prepare today, dinner out with friends on Saturday night and company for dinner on Sunday. Any of these things by themselves would be manageable but ALL together and then adding to the house is a disaster, laundry has started to pile up, clutter is out of control and trying to juggle three work schedules and one school schedule with only two cars is pushing me toward InSAnitTY! When coupled with Courtney's drama and adding one grumpy, tired teenager and an even grumpier husband, my very last nerve is fried.

Remember the Tidy Bowl Man commercials in the 70's with the blue water and the little captain in his boat floating around so happy and calm. Then someone flushes and down he goes. That's me...I am the Tidy Bowl man being flushed away in the clean, crystal blue water. Every time I come up for air, someone flushes again and down we go. It's one heck of a ride! Swirly anyone?

So here is what I want to know? What do you do when the latest tornado that is your life is chasing you down, nipping at your heals trying to pull you into the vortex? What do you do when you know you have consumed over the legal limit of dark chocolate trying to cope with all the stress? It is an antioxidant after all!

I pray the rosary daily and get to daily Mass as often as I can. Shouldn’t that make me immune from some of this stuff? Someone told me today that God must really trust me. He knows I can do everything He is asking of me. Really? Seriously? I can do this…I can do this…WAIT.ONE.MINUTE. I KNOW WHO TO TALK TO!

Dear God,
Could you please stop flushing? I can't quite catch my breath.
Your Loving Servant,