cooking 101 ~ "best quick tomato sauce"

This past week brought a new adventure to my kitchen. Cooking lessons for my son and some of his college friends. When Jonathan arrived home after completing his freshman year at Franciscan University in Ohio six weeks ago, he declared that one of his projects this summer was to learn how to cook. This week, the lovely Emma, who is quite kitchen challenged herself, joined us. Growing up with six brothers and one sister, I spent many hours in the kitchen learning how to cook. I loved it. I was not alone in the endeavor. My mother made sure all of my brothers learned how to cook the basics as well. I have to say, they rock when it comes to chili. Each has their own twist.

For our inaugural event, I chose a simple pasta recipe from a reliable source to start with. "Best Quick Tomato Sauce" from Cooks Illustrated, June 2009 lived up to it's name. I had them practice their knife skills as well as introducing some new ones (Chiffonade anyone?). We also went through basic kitchen utensils and cookware that everyone should have available. Emma and Jonathan worked as a team and the meal came together fairly quickly. We had a blast.

Jonathan showed off his new skills two nights later with another pasta dish, this time with no help. I am one proud Mom. Next week, we tackle fish. Care to join us?

Chiffonade anyone?

Rocking the garlic!

Emeril watch out! Their on their way!