A Hard Day...

Last night our beloved dog Roxie had to be put down. She had been in failing health for several weeks and had stopped eating five days ago. We knew that the time was coming where we would have to make a decision and I dreaded every moment of it. Yesterday was the day. We took her to the vet and with Hubby and I holding her, she went peacefully.

I was surprised at how emotional I was. You see, I am not an "animal" person. I didn't grow up with them, never enjoyed the whole "licking thing", was NOT a fan of the pooper-scooper and don't get me started on the whole carpet thing! But for the past fifteen years this lovely creature has kept things interesting here at Chez Lenaburg. 

She had a rough start with two surgeries on her hind legs in the first year. She rightfully earned the title of "million-dollar dog". She was allergic to grass of all things. Only my dog would be allergic to grass. There was the famous Thanksgiving stuffing incident where she ate an entire pan of stuffing while we were playing dominoes in the other room. The there was the raspberry cake incident that ended similarly. We Lenaburg's LOVE our carbs!

She was a patient dog who loved Courtney. She was by her side for every seizure she ever had in this house. She just knew that Court needed comforting and so she was there. It didn't hurt that dinner time was her favorite time with Court. All those yummy morsels falling to the floor. Score!

On our way to the vet this evening Hubby and I laughed and cried as we remembered all our misadventures with Miss Roxie. We were privileged to care for her. She will be missed.