i'm not that strong...

Today was Graduation Day at Court's school. It was such a moving ceremony for the four families involved. They have been through so much to get their disabled children to this point. There was much to celebrate! The heart breaker for me was the remembrance of Court's classmate , Katie, who passed away earlier this year. She would have graduated today at the age of 22. Her sister received her diploma for her. Tears streamed down my eyes as we watched the dedication video the school staff had made for her family. With all of Court's medical struggles of late, it hit a little too close to home. I heard this song on the way home and I knew I had to post about it.

We are all broken, in one way or another. It's what we do in this brokenness and how we ask God into heal us that we are able to once again put one foot in front of the other seeking to fulfill whatever task Our Lord places before us. I need Jesus in my life every moment of every day. I am weak and I stumble all the time. I'm not alright...but one day I will be. When I rest with Him who made me.