inspiration and prayers...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

First I want to direct to Jennifer's blog today. She has posted an inspirational interview with a lovely family, the Berger's. Their daughter Sunni will make your heart so very happy. Her parents views on living with a child who has a severe disability will inspire and amaze you.

When Less is More: Finding Inspiration in Severe Disability @ Conversion Diary

I also need to ask for prayers for our own ray of sunshine. Courtney will begin a 48 hour EEG tomorrow morning (Wed). If you could pray for wisdom for the doctors and lots of patience for Mom, I would appreciate it. We need her to have several seizures so the doctors can see what's going on. Lately this doesn't seem to be a problem as our seizures have really spiked in the last two months without much control. But Courtney has a habit of being very well behaved during testing, and not seizing. I swear she does it on purpose, just to irritate all of us as only a 16 year-old can do.

Oh well, we love her anyway! Also prayers for her to NOT want to scratch her head for two days, thereby removing the leads. That would be a miracle, but my God is BIG enough to answer that prayer, so storm those gates!
Thanks everyone. I will keep you posted.