simple summer sewing...

The above pictures are of my little friend Nicole, who needed some new summer skirts. These came together in less than four hours from cutting to finishing the elastic waists. No pattern required. I am now making a few for Courtney who is in need of summer skirts for church. The skirts I am finding in the store are either too long or too short. Dressing a child who is in a wheelchair 80% of the day can be challenging. 

Here are the instructions:

1. measure waist

2. measure desired length (take the measuring tape and place it at the waist. Pull down to where you wish the finished length of the skirt to be)

3. add 1 1/4 inch (or 1 3/4" for teen and adult) at top for elastic pocket and 1 - 1 1/2 on bottom for desired hem. If you wish to make a band out of another fabric ( I usually use a 3"-4" band depending on the age/height of the child/adult) factor that measurement in.

4. cut fabric 2 1/2 times the width of waist measurement at the proper length.(You may have to piece together two widths of fabric. This will create side seams. If the child is small enough you will only have one seam in the back of the skirt.) 

5. if you have a banding fabric, do the same. Your length measurement will be how wide you wish the band to be + hem length.

6. sew hem.

7. sew elastic pocket, leaving an opening to thread elastic through. I use 1" elastic for children and 1 1/2" elastic for teens and adult skirts. 

8. thread elastic through. try on child. adjust if needed. Sew elastic together and opening closed.

That's it! Enjoy for months to come. I used thicker quilting cottons for this project so I didn't have to line the skirts for modesty. If lining is needed, than I use a white/cream thin muslin and treat the colored piece and muslin as if it is one piece of fabric. It's just easier that way.

Feel free to comment or email me any questions. I have never written out sewing instructions before, so I apologize if anything is confusing. Next time I will take pictures of the process. I promise! This is so simple even a beginner seamstress can handle this. 
Happy Sewing!