7 quick takes friday (vol. 1)

So, I decided yesterday to join Jennifer@Conversion Diary in her "7 Quick Takes Fridays" letting everyone know how the week has gone. Let me know what you think of the idea by leaving a comment on this post. Here we go...

The best therapy in the entire world is a pint of Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream. Nothing beats it...well maybe hearing Courtney laugh for the first time in two weeks!

I am amazed by how quickly God is answering prayer, not just our prayers about Courtney's care plan, but prayers that were said for many months and even years that He is just now revealing the answers to us. God Rocks!!

You really can survive your 19 years old first fender bender with his new "used" car. Just breath deeply, let hubby handle "the safety talk" and then hit the Ben and Jerry's. Therapy anyone?

Writing a book is a marathon and I stink at pacing myself. I start sprinting right away and then flame out. Argh...patience and perseverance shall win the day. Now if I could just find mine, I'd be all set. Maybe it's hiding in the Ben and Jerry's.

I love sloppy kisses and sugary hands on a sweet two year old who happens to be my goddaughter. I would share her lunch any day of the week. I love you my precious one! Thanks C for the treat of spending time with your wonderful children, your sweet encouraging smile and laid back calm. I needed that this week.

I am blessed with the best girlfriends on the planet. Thanks to Christine, Maria and Kathy V. for reaching out and checking in. Your lives are just as crazy as mine, yet you find the time to call and make sure I am OK. Thank you for being there.

Motherhood is the best job in the world. This week I am reminded that my children are not really mine, they belong to God. I just get to borrow them for a season. For that I am eternally grateful for the honor God bestows upon me. Now if He would send me a laundry fairy, I would be all set!

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