I am back from my great writing adventure. I spent a week immersed in a completely different world than the one I ordinarily call my own. I was surrounded by smart, ambitious woman some of whom were published, some not. Steeped in the popular cultures idea of sex and romance and how to write the great romantic tale, I started each day praying for strength and wisdom to live as an authentic Catholic woman who knows and loves my God. Some days were easier than others, but in the end I feel by His grace alone, I was successful. 

In the world of romance writer's, those that write "sweet" romance or inspirational romance are sometimes cast to the edges of group. I was determined not to be a fence sitter, but to be as proud of my Catholicity as others were of their alternate belief systems. If the occasion called for it, I would speak of my faith and defend my Church and what it teaches all while learning new tools to improve my fiction writing skills. 

It was a fascinating experience filled with a tremendous amount of evangelizing and serious Holy Spirit intervention from time to time. I learned so much about myself and how much I really do know, about my faith and how to have the courage to live out loud, unafraid of being the unique Christian woman God made me to be. 

How you might ask? Listening. Lots of listening. Never respond in anger or judgement when you have the choice to respond with love and understanding. People feel the way they feel about God because of their life experiences. Some of them have been good and some very hurtful and damaging to their heart and soul. Evil exists in this world and I saw first hand this week some of the damage it has left in it's wake.

I realized that many woman write fiction to empower themselves defeating insecurities and demons in their own lives. Many write to support their families. Many write for the sheer joy of the gift their Creator has given them. They are all passionate, intelligent daughters of the King. I left myself open to be a vessel and God certainly took advantage of that many, many times. I can't wait to tell you all about them in the coming days. 

For now, I am off to do another load of laundry and prepare for another doctor's appointment for Courtney tomorrow morning. Life moves forward and so shall I.