mary's book basket ~ "worth a thoushand words"

The latest inspirational release from local author Stacy Hawkins Adams, Worth A Thousand Words  is a gutsy emotional tale showcasing modern struggles that each character holds close to them, secrets they do not wish to be revealed.

"Worth a Thousand Words dramatically explores the tough decisions one woman must make in the world of love, relationships, and career. Will Indigo find the courage to face her own truths—and accept those 

being harbored by the people she loves most? Either way, she risks 
losing everything she’s ever wanted."
Revell Publishing

This book challenged me. I was shocked by some of the struggles the main characters deal with, especially Brian the hero. However, it really made me think about how I would react in my own life if faced with the same situation. We are called to "love one another". It's a universal call from our Creator. It doesn't matter what secret one holds in their heart, it's how we deal with it, how we react to it.

I think Ms Adams is incredibly brave to explore some of today's most challenging problems such as suffering, long-term illness, bulimia and homosexuality. This is not something you see very often in Inspirational Romance novels. I loved how she wove the thread of God's redeeming love throughout this book especially when the hero and heroine are exploring their inner conflicts. It was handled with such delicate grace and really made me stop for a moment and contemplate my own heart. 

I love it when a book makes you think about your own preconceived ideas and pushes you outside your comfort zone to search for what God is trying to tell you through the authors words. God talks to us all the time, through what we read, what we hear, what we see, who we talk to. 

This book is thought provoking, spiritual and courageous. It's not your typical love story but rather a love story between the hero, heroine and their God who is calling them to be the best version of themselves and sometimes that takes you on a very different journey than the one you think you should be on. 

This was a page turner, thanks to Ms. Adams and her ability to pull you into the lively town of Jubilant, Texas. You can smell the barbecue and feel the heat. I for one would love to have my hair done by Aunt Melba. Oh the conversation we would have! 

Happy Reading,