show us your life ~ wedding dress

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly@Kelly's Corner, is hosting "Show us Your Life". Today's edition is the wedding dress. I just could not resist joining in the fun. I LOVE weddings and all the trappings that go with them. I was married at the US Naval Academy 21 years ago and it was one the best days of my life. The chapel is quite impressive and I felt like Princess Diana walking down that aisle.

In 1988 "Dynasty" and "Dallas" were driving much of the fashion of the day. It was a time of big hair and even bigger sleeves. I had a shorter veil and a three foot train. There was beading and lace on the bodice and sleeves as well on the edges of the train. I would wear this dress again today. I love the way it cinched my waist.

My hair was very short at the time. I wore the Dorothy Hamill style for many years.

I have been blessed to spend these past 21 years with my favorite officer and a gentleman. He took my breath away then and still makes my heart race today.

Go to Kelly's Corner to check out more wedding dresses. Next week it will be bridal parties and flowers. Can you say Laura Ashley?