show us your life ~ bridal party and ceremony

Here we are again for another round of "Show Us Your Life" hosted by the lovely Kelly @ Kelly's Korner. This week we continue with the wedding theme and we are talking about the wedding ceremony including bridal party attire, music and flowers.

I was married in August in Maryland. Can you say HUMID! Oy vey! This was before the Academy had air conditioning. Needless to say this played heavily into the planning for the day. For starters I had silk flowers because my mother thought real ones would not make it through the day. This is one thing I would change in a heartbeat. The silk were nice, but nothing beats the real thing.

These two beautiful people were my ring bearer (Robbie H.) and his older sister my flower girl (Katie H.). I loved their outfits. Katie was in a Laura Ashley dress and Robbie had on a simple white shirt and pants with a navy blue bow tie and cumber bun. Both were in cotton. Great choice for the weather. My wedding colors were Wedgwood blue and mauve. If you were married in the late 80's yours were probably similar. I do wish Katie's bouquet were bigger and of course real.

Here is our wedding party. Nothing is more handsome than a man in dress whites. The ladies were wearing Laura Ashley dresses with dyed shoes to match. Oh the horror story on those shoes sent me to therapy for weeks after the wedding! One thing I would change would be to remove the very large BOWS that are on the back of the dresses. There is never a good time for a woman to wear a large bow across her rear end. Never!!

The music was wonderful. I will never forget walking down that aisle with the organ playing and trumpets sounding. My own Princess Di moment. The one thing I laugh about today was how many times our priest said the words "be fruitful and multiply" during the ceremony, 12! Yep we counted and yes we multiplied, twice!

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