On August 25, 2009 Selah will release it's new album "You Deliver Me". It promises to be their best yet. I can't wait to listen to the whole disk. Their harmonies will blow your mind. 

I am especially excited about the song "I Will Carry You" which is Audrey's song. The lyrics always pierce my heart and move me. I think of my Courtney when I hear that song. I promised my God long ago that I would carry her through this life no matter what came our way. So when my heart is struggling with so many uncertainties and unknowns, I love to listen to music that uplifts, celebrates and praises my God. 

Life is a journey that can take us along many hidden roads and through many valleys. We are never alone for Our Lord who made us walks with us always. May God bless Selah and all those artists that choose to raise their voices in praise of Him! Enjoy the preview of "Unredeemed".