happy anniversary my love!

Happy Anniversary Jerry! It has been an incredible 21 years filled with lots of joys and challenges. I am surprised each day at what God has in store for us just as I was on that first day (see below). I love you and I can't wait to see where God leads us in the coming years.
Always Your One and Only Love,

(This happens to be my husbands favorite wedding photo). I was NOT expecting the traditional "swat" on the backside as "The Rat" (as he was affectionately known) say "Welcome to the Navy, Mrs. Lenaburg!" I was totally surprised as you can tell by my face. All I heard were cheers and laughter. Jerry just leaned over and whispered "gotcha!" I had a bruise for a week! I asked Bobby later why he swatted so hard and he said that he had to get through the layers of the dress. Trust me, there were not so many layers!)