how far we have come...

Oy Vey! This morning was quite the adventure for Mom and Courtney. We overslept, wove our way through horrific rush hour traffic, arrived just in the nick of time at Children's in DC only to be greeted with missing paperwork and more waiting for Courtney's Upper GI. Yep, it must be a MONDAY!

Finally they called us back and we sat in another room for another 30 minutes. I was beginning to work up to a full temper tantrum at this point. My daughter was hungry, since she couldn't eat after midnight, and her cranky factor was rising to meet her mama's. That's when I heard it, the wail of a young child in the next room undergoing the same procedure. My heart stopped for a brief moment as I listened to that sweet baby wretch the barium, choking, trying to clear her airway. In an instant my mind traveled back in time when Courtney was a little one. She hated the taste of the barium. She would cry, arch her back, wretch and throw it all up. We would have to keep trying to get enough in her to take the X-Rays. Those were horrible days filled with anxiety and feelings of failure as a mother. I praised God that we were past that now since Courtney has a G-tube and no longer has to taste the nasty stuff.

My anger and frustration melted away and I knew what I needed to do. I leaned over to whisper into my daughters ear that we needed to pray for the little one in the next room. I knew that she hated what was happening to her and her mommy was feeling even worse. We asked God to bring calm to the little one and her mommy, to help the technicians stay positive to be able to complete the test successfully so Mom and baby could go home. I am always humbled by how God can change the direction of my thoughts on a dime. He reveals my humanness and reminds me that their is always someone who needs prayers. I could offer up my discomfort, giving it back to God as a gift for the family next door.

I thanked Him for the grace to make a better choice of how to spend our time waiting for the test. Courtney and I prayed and sang a few praise and worship songs (quietly of course. No caterwauling allowed in the hospital) all for the little patient in the next room. Then when the time came for Court's test, God rewarded us with excellent nurses and technicians, a very kind radiologist and the best part...Courtney's Nissan wrap is intact!! WooHoo!! No tummy surgery required!

After some yummy Mac and Cheese in the cafeteria, my smiling happy daughter and I headed home grateful for where God had brought us. Now we will prepare for the video swallow test on Thursday also at Children's. This time we will not loose sight of how far we have come, praising God every step of the way...