A brand new website (in)courage has popped up in the blogosphere and some of my favorite bloggers are on it. All Christian women walking each day hand in hand with their God. Their stories inspire and uplift. I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for this new venture.

What (in)courages me?
My daughter and her willingness to offer her life for a greater purpose, to teach love and complete trust in Our Lord for her daily breath.

My wonderful girlfriends who pray with me, encourage me, and lift me up when the heaviness of the journey weighs on me.

My husband who loves me warts and all. He remains the single best choice I have ever made (besides the one for Christ).

My son who is an authentic caring young man striving to be the best man he can be, answering the call God has placed on his heart.

Finally this wonderful awesome blogging community that prays, encourages and uplifts. You inspire to be a better writer, better Christian and a better woman.

Now here is a better question. What (in)courages you? Leave a comment. I can't wait to read them. In the meantime check out (in)courage and be inspired.


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