mary's book basket ~ "snow melts in spring"

Author Deborah Vogts brings the Kansas prairie alive in her debut novel Snow Melts in Spring. This was a wonderful read. The prose is almost lyrical, a love song to the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas. Ms. Vogts does and incredible job with her setting. The prairie becomes another character in the book. It all sounds so peaceful and the way of life so simple. It was a wonderful escape from my technological wonderland.
Veterinarian Mattie Evans is struggling with her confidence and a sense of belonging in the community. Her recent past has been fraught with professional challenges shaking her to the core. She is called to the scene of an accident one night where a horse is injured. She agrees to try whatever she can to save this animal. Along the way she learns to trust herself and her instincts on life and love once more. 

Gil McCray left his father and the Flint Hills 15 years ago running from his past. He becomes a successful pro football player and returns to Kansas as a local hero.  As Mattie treats his horse Dusty, he is drawn to her uncomplicated beauty and straightforward approach to life. He must learn to put the past behind him in order to heal his relationship with his father and have any chance at a future with Mattie. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this inspirational sweet contemporary romance. With the themes of forgiveness and renewal center stage amidst the family conflict, Ms. Vogts characters draw you into their inner struggles and painful losses. She develops the romance slowly with friendship first and when Mattie and Gil share their first kiss, it is just sweeps you away. What a lovely escape.

This is an impressive debut novel and I look forward to many more to come. Well done, Ms. Vogts, Well done!

Happy Reading,