need a little hope...

Wonderful post today from Holly@(in)courage. Hit me spot on in the middle of my unraveling. WOW is God talking to me today!

Then I read this meditation in The Word Among Us:
"What about today? We may have been walking with the Lord for many years now and learned much from his teaching. Perhaps we have become very familiar with him as we have been diligent at daily prayer and Scripture study. We may feel that we know him well enough to even predict how he will react in any number of situations. But the key question is: Can I expect Jesus to do something out of the ordinary in my life today or this week? Isn’t it possible that he can still catch me off guard, just as he caught the people of Nazareth by surprise?

Given the right circumstances and the right amount of time, any one of us might end up closed off to the immense possibilities that are ours in Christ. It’s not always easy to remember that he is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine. Are you in that position today? Call on the Lord right now and ask him to help you break free. Tell Jesus that you want to see his power and his love in a new way today. Perhaps there is even a way that you can step out in faith today and give him the opportunity to work in new ways. Healings, conversions, and new directions for our lives—God is more than able to do all of these. Who knows? Today may be your day!"

“Jesus, I surrender to you in trust and confidence. Help me to break through the barriers of mistrust and blindness to your mighty power working in us who believe.” you think He has something to say to me today??? Just a gentle reminder that He can do anything, anytime, anyhow over and above any of my expectations.

How about you? What's God whispering in your heart today??

Blessings and Grace,