o happy day...

I am looking forward to the days activities. A yummy brunch that the boys are putting together, a movie date with my honey and lots of snuggle time with my favorite daughter! I love being home!

Many of you have asked how my Courtney is doing and the answer is...swimmingly, at least for now. Her seizures have lessened, we are back to two a day. They are still violent when we have them, but she only begins to turn blue instead of completely going purple. This means she is getting oxygen, at least a little. Praise God! We go back to Children's Hospital on Monday for an upper GI and then again on Thursday for her swallow test. This is the "big one". We trust that God will give her the strength to pass it and if not, than another plan will be revealed. I would just hate to not have her be able to eat by mouth anymore.

You can find other answers here and here. Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. We are once again humbled to be brought to the foot of the cross relying and trust in that Our Lord will carry us through.
Have a fabulous day!!