off to children's hospital...

This morning we will be having an Upper GI done at Children's Hospital in DC. It will be a long day but hopefully a productive one. They will take a look and see if Courtney's Nissan Wrap is intact. Hopefully it is.

Thursday we go for the swallow test. My heart is uneasy about this one. I just don't know if she will pass and be able to continue eating solid food. I leave it in God's hands.

Thanks once again for lifting my girl up with your prayers. We could not take one step without them. I will let you know what happens this afternoon.

Below is a reminder that God can carry us through whatever difficulty we face. Elijah, Moses and many of the great prophets didn't give up. Jesus never gave up. The saint and great cloud of witnesses that await us in heaven never gave up...neither will I. HOLY IS THE LORD the giver of life and the one who sustains us all...