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This past weekend Jerry and I saw the movie Julie and Julia. What a delight! You can read my review here @ Phases of Womanhood . Please leave a comment on the Phases post and let me know what you thought of the movie. I absolutely loved it!

What struck me time and again throughout the movie, was the passion each of these women felt for what they were doing. Julia Child in mastering French cuisine as well as writing her cookbook and Julie Powell in writing about her cooking adventures with Ms. Child.  40 years after the publication of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Ms. Child inspires yet another generation of "serventless cooks" with her guile and grit. Both these women have the courage of their convictions. They follow their dreams no matter what obstacles are put in their path. 

My husband looked over at me many times during the movie and whispered into my ear "Who does that sound like?" I have to admit it's one of the reasons I LOVED the film. I completely identified with the struggle these women were facing. Their life was missing something. They had dreams but were unsure how to accomplish them. They both decided to take risks and those paid off in HUGE ways. They eventually found their path and succeeded in achieving their dreams. 

I find myself in that same position these days. I have dreams and am unclear at times of how to pursue them. I struggle to persevere and complete a project. I put up so many mental obstacles and sometimes even talk myself out of things. I have finally reached a place in this writing journey where I have to decide to either stop or to charge a head. What to do? What to do?

Well this past weekend I made a few decisions. I shall charge ahead. It will not be perfect or even pretty at times. I will fall. I will fail. Sometimes people might actually see me do both. Humility is usually a painful lesson. I should know, I have failed many, many times. I am encouraged by Julie and Julia to keep going. I am spurred on by Matthew Pinto, president of Ascension Press, who said "We must persevere with prudence!" So I shall.

Will you join me? How have you decided to charge forth in your life? Leave a comment and share where you are and where your going. I can't wait to encourage you in your walk as you have encouraged me. 


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