small successes (vol.2)...

This will be the mother of a 19 year old edition of small successes. Check out Faith and Family Live! for other success stories.

1. J has had a difficult summer dealing with some strong personalities at work. They do not share his same worldview and he has really struggled to hold his tongue when appropriate. This past week he was faced with a direct challenge to his faith by another co-worker. He stood up for himself and did not turn the other cheek. He spoke the truth with love and I am so proud of him and his efforts. All those years homeschooling and practicing apologetics are paying off. 

2. J got into his first car accident a few weeks ago when he backed into someone. He has stepped up to the challenge of dealing with the insurance company and taking responsibility for taking care of things and not waiting for hi parents to deal with it. Again, seeing him mature and greet these new challenges, taking personal responsibility for his actions is a sign that he is becoming the young man God wishes him to be. 

3. He has done his own laundry for THE WHOLE SUMMER!! He has washed, folded, ironed AND put it away in his drawers without maternal pressure. I think college life is agreeing with him. He can't wait to go back!

I am learning to let go and let God be the leader in my relationship with this new adult. It is a wonderful transition to witness.