small successes (vol.4)...

Time to take a look back and see where I was successful this week. It's hard this week because I feel a bit unfocused with all the upheaval of packing Jonathan for school and preparing for Courtney's surgery on Monday. So these are what I came up with...

#1. I finally made a schedule for the new school year that will incorporate time for my writing. It's tough to put myself on the list...there is so much to be done and I am the only one to do it. But with my honey's encouragement my dream is now on the schedule. You can check out the fruit of my labor... my latest blog for Phases of Womanhood.

#2. I made the BEST chocolate pound cake for Courtney's birthday. It was dense and moist and ohh so chocolatey. It's the first baking I have done in almost a month. It felt so wonderful to get back in the kitchen again. Check it out here.

#3. I committed to Youth Ministry for one more year. I keep thinking since J is in college and Courtney doesn't participate in the small group activities...maybe I should be home now. I prayed. Honey prayed and we both felt I was supposed to be there another year. So serve I shall. 

Head over to Faith and Family LIVE! for more encouragement. 

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