are gnats considered protein?

Just in case you thought that the Confirmation Retreat last weekend was one HUGE Jesus moment, I thought I would share a few other little tidbits from the weekend.

1. Are gnats considered protien?
It has been a long time since I have had to deal with gnats. I'm thinking the last time was the summer of '92 when I was pregnant with Court and we lived in Maine. The gnat's were insane that summer. I walked around with this clouds of them swirling around my head. Ugh! This past weekend I had several nasty flashbacks. I swallowed so many of them, I am sure it would have qualified for a low carb lunch. Ick! I hate gnats!

2. Do 13 year old girls EVER sleep?
By midnight Saturday I could not keep my eyes open without great effort. Lights out had been an hour earlier and the team leaders were exhausted. Giggling could still be heard in my cabin and my patience was beginning to run thin. Yes, I know it was an awesome night. Yes, I knew that the girls were wound tighter than yo-yo and absolutely thrilled to be together but I was so very, very tired. Finally after threatening to separate the next giggling clutch I heard...silence reigned down. AHHH Bliss. So why did it take me another 45 minutes to go to sleep? That devil is a sneaky guy...

3. Sunday morning came way too quickly for me and as I was standing under a very hot shower (thank you Jesus for that gift) I realized that I forgot shampoo and soap. So I looked around the teeny tiny bathroom and all I saw was the Soft-Soap on the sink and quickly grabbed it. I was a little nervous because I have very sensitive skin and break out easily. I had an event to attend that afternoon and didn't need to be blotchy or red. So, I prayed over the soap. Yep, I prayed over it, while standing in the shower. I didn't break out, however my hair did not react well. Frizz is evil but not the end of the world.

4. Last should never look over the edge of the mountain to admire the waterfall while driving. It may cause your passengers to scream jolting you into overcorrecting the car almost taking out a jack rabbit crossing the road.

It was a great weekend all in all. I am blessed to have been asked to be a part of it.