feast of our lady of sorrows...

"The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is one that is close to my heart. I am constantly amazed that despite knowing what was coming, Mary continued to walk in faith by her Son’s side, even through the most difficult and painful part: His death on the Cross.

I embrace my Sorrowful Mother because I truly understand her pain. I presented my precious five week old daughter for baptism on Sunday, September 27, 1992. By that evening, she was in the Bethesda Naval Hospital PICU suffering from inexplicable seizures. I begged Our Lady to intercede for us to her Son, to allow our Courtney to remain with us, no matter what the path. Our Lord has honored that prayer more than once in the last 16 years, through many, many dark nights. I have repeatedly felt the loving arms of my Savior around me and I am grateful for it."

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