how do I know???

How do I know that I will be on retreat this weekend???

1. Things break...the more expensive the better chance of breakage...
One of my husbands "spiritual bruises" is money. It's where the deceiver gets him every single time. When I am getting ready for retreat things always begin to break the week before stressing him out thinking about replacement and repair costs. Yesterday was no exception when a metal part on my serger just sheared right off mid project. So frustrating. I, in turn, must pray even harder that Our lord surrounds his heart with peace and calm. Will you join me in praying for him?

2. Chaos pushes out quiet...
I have been trying to wake at 5 am each day to insure quiet prayer time, to settle my mind and my heart preparing to serve however I need to that day. This week I have had meetings every night so far and have not been getting to bed early enough, thereby not getting up at the appointed time. This has created much more chaos in my world both physical and spiritual and has left me wanting quiet. So I resolve this day to seek quiet in front of our Eucharistic Lord pushing back the demon nipping at my heals. Will you pray for me?

3. Oversensitivity 101...
Whenever I am preparing for retreat, whether it be a personal, youth ministry, or confirmation retreat, my emotions become tender flowers easily bruised by those around me. I read too much into every situation and I become an oversensitive pin cushion, feeling each prick like a pierce through my heart. I know that this is because of the challenges to my prayer time as well as me trying to decrease so God can increase. When preparing to serve God, I give my heart and mind over to Him so that He is the one who is speaking to the kids, not me. They are looking for Jesus and I am just an imperfect conduit. Would you join me in praying for the 46 young ladies who will be on their Confirmation retreat this weekend and the 20 team members who God has chosen to facilitate this awesome encounter with God?

Thank you for your prayers. They are precious gifts to me, my family, and my parish. God is preparing a powerful weekend for these young ladies. May I decrease so God can increase....ALWAYS!

Blessings and Grace,

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