living out 1

Sunday's readings talked about living out our faith. If we are believers than we will act as such by doing good works and loving thy neighbor as thyself. I have been struggling with this concept of living my Catholicity "out loud". I am trying to be a a Christian Catholic in all aspects of my life, no matter who I am with, Christian or Non-Christian. Over the years I have learned that I need to be prepared to defend my faith because I never know when God will call me into action. It's always when I least expect it. He's funny that way.

This past summer I found myself in a wee bit of a pickle. I was at a writers conference attending great seminars on dialogue, character arcs, inner conflict and infusing humor into your story line. At the end of the first day, I found myself settled at a table in the hotel bar contemplating a margarita on the rocks and some fabulous discussion about the days talks. Writing, however, was not the first topic of conversation. I was completely unprepared for what came next.

And yes, this really did happen. As they say "the truth is stranger than fiction"...

Writer #1 - Mary we need to do something about Madame X and the rut she is in. She needs to shake things up. She's just not happy with her life.

Me - okay...(with quizzical look on my face)

Writer #2 - I think she just needs to get laid. I mean can you believe she is a virgin at the age of ?? We need to find her a man.

Me - (coughing after mistakenly taking a sip of said margarita) WHhatt?

Writer #1- That's a great idea. That way her inner creativity can be released into the universe. Some of my most creative work has been after a sexual encounter. But where would we get the guy. Mary, you know anyone?

Here is your chance to evangalize. What would you have said next? Leave a comment and let me know. Check in tomorrow for the rest of this tantalizing conversation. You won't want to miss it.