mary's book basket ~ "an eye for an eye"

In Irene Hannon's second installment of her "Hero's of Quantico" series, An Eye for An Eye, FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Marc Sanders has a chance encounter 20 years after sharing his first kiss with love Emily Lawson that changes their lives forever. In a fast paced inspirational romantic suspense, Ms. Hannon weaves a tale of intrigue and hope. A must read for sure.

The hero, Marc Sanders finds himself smack in the middle of a new investigation while still carrying scars from his last big case. Heroine Emily Lawson, a smart, independent ,clinical pshychologist, carries her own secret grief and fear of intimacy, as a result of her firefighter husband's death in the line of duty.

As Marc and Emily work together to find out who is after one of them and why, their friendship is rekindled. Working their way through the mystery, each is faced with stumbling blocks from their pasts. Both must wield their way through their inner conflicts and turmoil in order to embrace the possibility of a future together. Ms. Hannon does a terrific job with the pacing of both the suspense plot line as well as the inspirational romance. She slowly peels back the layers of each characters doubt and loss of faith while maintaining the constant pulse of the mystery.

I think the most powerful part for me as the reader was the ending when the villain is caught. Marc's heroic response was very moving and showed the completion of his powerful character arc and the impact of the example of Emily's quiet walk of faith. This book was a wonderful afternoon escape. If your looking for a little mystery mixed with faith, hope and love, An Eye For An Eye is just the thing.

Happy Reading!