mary's book basket ~ "fools rush in"

It has been awhile since I have read a book that made me laugh so hard I almost wet my...well you know what I mean. Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson is rip roaringly funny with characters that will make you snork out loud.

Approaching 30 and still single, Bella Rossi has just inherited Club Wed, the family wedding business from her parents. She is determined to make a success of it by becoming the best "theme" wedding planner in Galveston, Texas and beyond. Her first wedding is a boot skootin country extravaganza which is a challenge for the full blooded Italian who knows nothing about country music. She needs a DJ who can spin Reba, Trisha, Garth, Kenny and Martina as well as lead the guests in line dancing and the Texas two step. Enter Dwayne (DJ) Neely, the man of her dreams. The hysterical adventure that ensues is like My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets the Clampett's of the Beverley Hillbillies.

I love how Ms. Thompson creates levels of conflict internaly with her characters as well as between them. The feud between Aunt Rosa and Uncle Laz about who is the best singer, Sinatra or Dean, creates moments of hilarity, as the author sets you up to take a side. Then toward the end she reveals the lynch pin behind the feud and you realize that there is something "more" going on between them. This happens with the hero and his family as well. Ms. Thompson is able to be outrageously funny one moment and then tender the next as she weaves Bella's tale of heartache and fear with DJ's dreams of building a better life for himself.

The family table also creates many humerus and magical moments in this novel. Besides making my mouth water with each description of ravioli, lasagna, meatballs and any other Italian staple you can think of, it shows the difference between Dwayne and Bella's upbringing. In one scene Uncle Laz asks Bella to pass the "gravy" or spaghetti sauce. Dwayne is confused because his Mommas "gravy" is brown or white. The way it plays out just makes me smile thinking about it and remembering my first dinner with good friends who happen to be full blood Italians. I had the same response. My face was as red as the "gravy".

I highly recommend this book. You will be cheering Bella and Dwayne on from the start. I look forward to the second book in the series Swinging on a Star comes out in Jan 2010. This was a wonderful family tale full of life laughter and lots of food. I am feeling the need to break out into a chorus of Mambo to join me.
Happy Reading,