saturday evening blog post (vol.1)

Jen @ Conversion Diary and Elizabeth @ Kids, Twins and Laundry Bins have come up with a new idea. Elizabeth will be hosting The Saturday Evening Blog Post at her site every First Saturday. It's a way to celebrate your favorite blog post from the previous month. Here are Elizabeth's own words:

"Now, I'd love to hear from YOU! Choose one post from your past month of blogging: a recipe, an inspiring story, a photo, a sad story, a piece of art. THE SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST is a celebration of art, so please no links to products or giveaways. Thanks!
I'll leave this post up all weekend long so you'll have a chance to come back and read some of the other submissions, too."

The instructions are on Elizabeth's and Jennifer's websites. I chose Unraveling I feel it really expresses where I am at the moment. It was a tough choice between that and My daughter - My heart. Either way they both express my heart. I encourage you to check out some of the other blog posts. There are a few fantastic bloggers out there just waiting to meet you. Come join us!
Happy Reading!