show us your life ~ favorite school pictures

This week's Show Us Your Life is all about the dreaded school picture. Thank you Kelly@KellysKorner for hosting yet again. This should be fun. There are some good pictures and then I have a few that make me want to 6th and 9th grade. I have to admit though, I have really enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.

Here I am in Kindergarten circa September 1971. Gotta love the orange and brown! No resemblance to my siblings here. Nope, none at all!

Here we are in 1975 and Mrs. Dompka's third grade class - 3A. This would be the year of times tables and "the great math workbook debacle". To this day I have no maroon in my wardrobe. NONE! If the teeth don't kill yah, the hair will!

1974 and the fourth grade with the lovely Miss Deely (who in the seventh grade freaked me out by marrying Mr. Sharpe. But that's a story for another day.) This was the first year we could wear our "Sunday" clothes for pictures and you see that I took advantage of that! I also cut my hair before school started into the lovely "Dorothy Hamill" cut. My hair is getting darker and the teeth still have no braces. I is the year of book reports, long division (gag) and I also discovered boys. They didn't discover me back until high school. Such is the life of unrequited love. In this photo I am wearing hand-me-downs from my Michigan cousins and my favorite blue bird necklace (even though the birds were pink). Tomorrow we will venture into junior gets hairy...I mean scary!

Moving right along to 6th grade with the lovely and talented Sr. Benita (who loks like a cheetah). Apparently I was really in to "wings" on my head to go along with my angelic personality. This would be the year of the "talk" where the boys and girls were seperated. The boys listened to Brother William the girls Mrs. Lacy. It was inspiring to hear about our burgeoning femininity. YUCK! This was also the year my CYO basketball team won the championship. Yes, I was a rock star for one whole weekend. It was awesome. The next year I discovered cheerleading.

We now arrive at one of the most hideous times in the life of my hair. The "Farrah Fawcett" circa 1981. This was taken freshmen year in front of my parents house. Trust me the picture in the yearbook is even worse. What was I thinking?? I look like I am smuggling sausages with my hair or maybe paper towel rolls? Combine that with the braces and the fact I was going to public school for the first time in my life...we are talking trauma. I'll never forget my first day at RHS when I heard another student say a curse word and I waited for someone to yell "DETENTION!" Never happened. My sheltered school years were over. I wasn't too upset. They had boys there...and lots of them!

This is my junior year of high school circa 1984. I have to say this is one of my favorite pictures. I actually had gotten myself together by then. I stopped hiding sausage in my hair and wore a little makeup. I remember this day because I forgot I had pictures (hence the polo shirt and not something fancier). I borrowed a girlfriends earrings and lip gloss. I know it's gross. We didn't have swine flu back then. Not bad for last minute. I wish I looked that good now.

We have arrived at the end of our journey, my senior year circa 1985. Yes, I am that old. Thanks for reminding me. This was how I looked when I met my husband a year later. He still has this picture in his wallet. I wore my mothers pearls and still have a slight gap in my teeth even though I had braces. My Dad used to say it was unique like Lauren Hutton. He was a good man, my Daddy.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Thanks Kelly for choosing such a fun topic. If you want to see more school pictures head on over to Kelly's Korner and check them out.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessing and Grace,