6 a.m. update...

Court had a peaceful night. Mom...not so much! this every two hour temp and blood pressure check is not so fabulous for a deep sleep. Who knew nurses could be so chatty at 3 a.m.? Between that and my lovely daughter snoring, sleep was not on my menu. That said, fever is under control, i.v. fluids and oxygen are going, Court is sleeping. lungs are clear but you can hear the "junk" starting in her upper respiratory. So keep praying! Neurology will be in 30 minutes for morning rounds. Yea!

The big news is they won't let Court take anything by mouth so that she has no chance of aspiration. This means an all liquid formula diet for the next 48 hours. Not the best for her tummy, but we will do what the docs say unless it's way out of the ball park.

Sky is turning pink through the blinds and another day is dawning. That you for all the emails and prayers. I will be updating the blog when I can. God is good, even in isolation!

Blessings and Grace,

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