7 quick takes friday (vol.11)...

This beautiful article from Ann Voskamp@Holy Experience really touched my heart and has gotten me thinking about our family's dinner traditions. Things are so different now that Jonathan is away at college. I miss the livelier conversations with him. Jerry would always have a question for him about theology or philosophy, the days events or politics. Things are quieter now...but Ann has me thinking of how we can introduce the Bread of Life into our breaking bread traditions. Absolutely lovely thought.


The newest album from Steven Curtis Chapman Beauty Will Rise is filled with beautifully haunting songs of lament for his daughter Maria who was killed one year ago in a tragic accident. This man has a God-given gift that leaves me breathless with each album. To be able to translate such unimaginable emotions into phenomenal lyrical beauty is absolutely amazing. I wept as I listened. His faith in Our Risen Lord is front and center as is the love he feels for the youngest of his adopted children, his baby girl. I highly recommend it to all.


This past weekend my husband and I watched Gaslight which was made in 1944. Starring Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer and Joseph Cotton, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I was 12 the first time I saw this film and it scared the baloney out of me. Bergman's performance was stunning and Boyer was just plain creepy. The black and white cinematography is just stunning. The directors use of shadows to make you wonder what is real and what isn't. This was the first time Jerry had seen it and he couldn't stand the emotional and psychological manipulations of Boyers character either. Wonderful story line and fantastic dialogue. They just don't make movies like this anymore.

My husband was traveling this week and I missed him terribly. It has been some time since his last business trip and I wasn't prepared for the loneliness I felt. When he returned home last night I was beyond thrilled. I felt like I did as a young wife waiting for him to return from deployment. I hugged him forever and laughing he said "I want you to remember how you feel right now when we are working in the garage this weekend. Remember how happy you are to be with me."
This is where I tell you that my hubby and I can sometimes get a little testy with each other when working on home improvement projects together.
Touche my love. I shall endeavor to remember!


I just finished reading Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson. It was recommended to me by several people many times over the past three years. This is the debut novel for Jackson and it a a wonderful piece of writing. Jackson weaves a unique tale with many twists and turns, using metaphors and language that at times is poetic. She explores some of Southern societies darker side including racism and religious discrimination. Her storytelling is top notch especially the thread exploring one characters mental illness. The most stunning part of the book is the prose and the depth of emotion she is able to evoke, laughter one moment and tears the next. I enjoyed it and the twist at the end was a nice surprise. The downside is the foul language and an inappropriate scene of pre-marital sex.

I love the Like Mother Like Daughter blog. There is such wisdom in the posts. Leila and her daughters are frugal creative woman who have taken the art of housewifery to a new level. Watch out Martha... Leila wrote a wonderful post yesterday all about Menu Making. I know in my house EVERYTHING hinges on dinner. It's the first or second question out of my husband's mouth each day. I love her approach to making dinner time a success and will be implementing it this weekend. Thanks ladies for your help!

Just in case you were wondering there are only 49 days until Christmas! Help!!!

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Blessings and Grace,