7 quick takes friday (vol.13)...jonathan turns 20!!


So I dedicate my "7 Quick Takes Friday" to my first born. Here are 7 things I love about my son.

I love your stubbornness and tenacious spirit. I know it's odd for a mother to say that but when you set your heart on something you will work your bum off to achieve it. I will never forget the night of your birth. It was the first snowfall of the season in Brunswick, Maine and the ride to the hospital involved avoiding deer in the road and lots of slipping and sliding. You were a tough delivery with 36 hours of labor before you made your way into the world, stubborn from the very beginning. Then there was learning how to walk. Nothing would stop you from getting to where you wanted to be. It continues today with your quest for knowledge in different fields. I know that God will teach you to use your unyielding spirit for good and not evil!


You are a warrior protector of your sister and a tremendous help to us in caring for her. It has been a gift to watch you love and protect your little sister. From the time you were small she was "yours". To watch you lift her like she is a precious gem still brings tears to my eyes. When you read to her using different voices to get her to smile and sing to her with your deep baritone my heart melts. She loves you so much! I know that if God calls you to be a father one day, you will be phenomenal one. If He calls you to the priesthood I know you will have a special place in your heart for families like ours.


I love your laugh! It's loud and raucous. It comes from the deepest part of you. When you laugh your head goes back and your smile takes over your entire body. You make me laugh when you do. I can look at you across the room, make a face and we are off to the races. When you and your Dad laugh together it is the BEST sound in the whole world. I love it when my guys are happy.


You have been given such a gift with your intelligence. Your scary smarts have intimidated me from the beginning. It made homeschooling quite an adventure. Remembering going through the dinosaur era in about three weeks still makes my head spin. The fact that you can still recite those facts today makes me laugh. To watch you and your father discuss history, politics or religion is an amazing thing. At times you frustrate me with how you use those brains of yours but I know that God is with you. I pray for your guardian angel everyday to help guide your choices. As you Daddy and I have said before "To whom much is given, much is expected". I look forward to seeing where God calls you.


You never complain about my cooking. It makes me happy to cook and bake for someone who loves even the simplest of things. I always knew when it was not a good dinner night. You would smile, eat what was on your plate but there would be NO seconds. I don't think I ever repeated those meals. I love it that you get so excited when I send you a box at school filled with yummy things. It makes you so happy. I love it when your beside me in the kitchen as I show you how to chop, saute and my elbow bumps yours, my favorite lefty! It is a joy to cook with you!

You have a big heart especially for other people who may be a little different. Disabilities or differences don't intimidate you, young or old. To watch you go up to the one kid in the corner who seems all alone, introduce yourself and make him feel welcome is always a wonder to watch. You know what it's like to be that kid alone and different. You make an effort every time your in a new situation to step out of your comfort zone and reach into someone else's. I love you for that and I know that lonely kid does do.


Your excellent driving record. You knew I couldn't go without mentioning this one. You must drive like a vulcan half breed! I can hear you laughing ALL the way from Ohio! I love you son...no matter what...now and for always!

It has been the greatest adventure of my life to be your mother. I never know what to expect. As I tell you all the time "God chose you for me and me for you, so if you have issues take it up with the BIG Man upstairs. He doesn't make mistakes."
I love you son and I am so proud of the man you are becoming!

Happy Birthday!!

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Blessings and Grace,