alien landings and woodchucks...

These are our friendly woodchucks...we will come back to them in a moment. First let's talk Isolation 101.

Noon Update...Day One:
* Different nurses coming to check vital signs every two hours? Six and two nurses in training. At least they smile.

*Kidney status ~ FINALLY working Praise GOD! I believe in the power of prayer and yours are AWESOME!

*Courtney is sleeping a lot. This is good because when she wakes up she is agitated and generally grumpy. It's hard to keep her calm and still so sleep is the better choice.

*How many time has Court tried to pull her I.V. out? Twice now but I think we have it conquered with the new "mitt". I don't blame her. I would be annoyed too.

*How many times has Mommy spilled her formula while trying to do a gravity feed through her G-tube? NOT a fair question! Sleep deprivation does weird things to your depth perception.

Now back to the lovely woodchucks...
These little lovelies are Painted on the wall in front of Courtney's bed. For once I am glad she is cortically blind. Please someone tell me the medicinal value of a woodchuck mural. Anyone? Anyone?

At 2:30 a.m. this morning I discovered that our room is directly across from the Trauma Helipad. How would I know this? Because I was awakened by what I thought was the Woodchuck Mothership landing to take her little furry friends back to their home planet. Yeah, not so much. Actually it was the Trauma Helicopter returning from a car accident with patients. I know this because it was announced throughout the 2:30 a.m. Yep, it sure is peaceful in isolation. Right now they are practicing landing. I feel like I am back at Oceania with all the noise. Courtney is her fathers daughter though. She is sleeping through it all!

That's it for now. Only two seizures this morning. Neuro will be back up this afternoon. Everything else is holding steady thank you Jesus.

Keep praying...

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