donny wins!!

For the final installment celebrating my reality T.V. addiction we visit the finale of Dancing With The Stars. The winner, Mr. Donny Osmond, the consummate showman. I remember watching the "Donny and Marie Show" when I was in the third grade. I couldn't wait for Friday nights. I even had the Donny and Marie Barbie Dolls.

He had a rough beginning with the show but he took all the criticism in stride and work his bum off to get better each week. I thought he wasgonna be gone last week when he tripped on his partner Kym's dress and then forgot some steps. But his fans rallied and voted him to safety for the finale.

He had stiff competition from Maya and Kelly Osbourne, who both made mistakes in their final dances to open the door for his win. I have really loved watching Kelly just blossom with each routine. Her joy was infectious and fabulous to watch. I cheered harder for her than any other contestant. Maya is a Maryland girl who has a gift with her voice and her dancing. Watching her was like watching a professional. She was awesome.

Alas my "puppy love" still rests with Donny. My favorite part of his win was right after the announcement he ran over and carried his wife on stage and celebrated with both her and his dance partner. I loved that. His first thought was of his wife! What an homage to marriage.

So that wraps up my T.V. obsession for 2009. Now back to the books...