fr. benedict ~ 50 years of service...

"If you love the poor your life will be filled with sunlight and at the hour of your death, you will not be afraid"
Father Benedict Groeschel CFR

Father Benedict Groeschel is celebrating 50 years of Priesthood. I have met him several times but the one that sticks in my mind most profoundly was several years ago when Jerry and I were speaking at a homeschooling conference. Fr. Benedict was going to be celebrating Mass that afternoon. He was still recovering from his car accident and was wheelchair bound. Courtney was with us and as we stood for the entrance song, Courtney was on the aisle in her pink wheelchair.

As father came down the aisle, we were singing and as he passed Courtney he stopped and wheeled over to her, placed his hands on her head and bowed in prayer. I was stunned. Jerry grabbed my hand and we both had tears streaming down our eyes. This man was so filled with grace. You could almost see the Holy Spirit circle above him. He finished praying over her, blessed her and went on with the Mass. I felt as if a living saint had laid hands on my girl.

Then we heard him preach. WOW! WOW! WOW! Such passion for God! We heard many pearls of wisdom that inspire us to this day. He has spent 50 years serving the poor. So extraordinary! Then as he was processing out he stopped once again by Courtney and prayed over her, blessing her . He looked at Jerry and I said "She is a saint. The walk is not easy, but the joy will come."

Indeed Fr. Benedict the joy does come on a daily basis! Blessings and Grace to you on this most blessed anniversary.

HT: American Papist