friday fashion...

OK so I have been housebound for awhile now and I am trying not to go stir crazy. I have taken care of sick ones, been sick myself, cleaned, read, cleaned some more and watched a crazy amount of T.V. Yes, I know Mom, it makes my brain rot. Got it.

Moving on, last night was the season 6 finale of Project Runway. I am a HUGE fan of the show. I absolutely LOVE fashion and I find it fascinating to watch the creative process from start to finish. It inspires me to get back to the sewing machine post hast.

This season my favorite designer from was Carol Hannah Whitfields from Charleston, South Carolina. Miss "Fun, Feminine and Funky", Carol Hannah has shown tremendous grace under pressure this season and has been a absolute delight to watch. I love the whimsy and romanticism of her clothing. She understands the female form and drapes fabric like nobodies business. She loves to mix funky fabrics and has an intuitive sense of color. I loved her final collection. Her choice of colors, the flirty and feminine dresses as well as that teal gown were phenomenal.

Unfortunately the judges did not agree. They gave the big prize to Irina. Ugh! This woman is arrogant and rude. I will give her props for showmanship and tailoring skills I would kill for, but her final collection was NOT inspiring at all. All black with these funky hard military hats that no one in the right mind would wear in public. I mean really, Ick! Carol Hannah was robbed in my humble fashion opinion.

I wish Carol Hannah the best. I look forward to seeing her work in the future. As for Irina, lighten up sweetie and find some color! Seriously! Now I need to get back to my own creative space.
Happy Sewing,