is there ever a time NOT to pray?

The answer to that question is NO and the last 36 hours of my life are proof. Yesterday was a wonderful day filled with quiet family time, until 3:30 p.m. when NAVY took on Notre Dame. If that doesn't require prayer I don't know what does! Those midshipman, boosted by my prayers of course, did NOT disappoint. What a fabulous game!

Then this morning life took a little turn. Courtney decided to change my plans for a quiet day of proof reading with a little six hour trip to the ER. Right before Mass she started having what we call "rolling" seizures every minute to minute and a half. Her arms would come up and her shoulders would shrug and she would "squeeze" her body for about 5-15 seconds then she would be fine until the next one two minutes later. This is very rare for her and it usually lasts no longer than an hour.

She was not in any respiratory distress so we went to Mass. Unfortunately they continued throughout Mass and grew in intensity so we knew would not have a choice but to take her to the Emergency Room. So right after Communion we headed out to the ER. There was no way I was taking her without Jesus. Then the praying really began.

They took us back right away and got her hooked up to all the bells and whistles. The seizures continued and that had everyone hopping. It took them another two and a half hours for the doctors to find the right cocktail to stop the seizures completely. Once that was accomplished they started running a number of tests to see if there was something else going on to cause so many seizures.

Finally, six hours later, after every test imaginable was done, she was diagnosed with a pretty severe UTI and we were sent home. Throughout this whole ordeal Jerry and I prayed to ourselves and out loud with our daughter. Our Father's, Hail Mary's, and a few St. Michael prayers filled the room. What came to me most was "Jesus I trust in YOU!" I just held her and repeated that phrase for almost an hour straight. The prayers kept us calm and focused on her care. We knew God was with us and He would walk through the valley. We were not alone!

As we headed home we needed to stop by the pharmacy to pick up her antibiotics. So Jerry and I began prayers of thanksgiving. God was so good to give us an answer today as to why she was seizing AND we got to go home with her. BONUS!

Then God presented another opportunity. While I was in line for her antibiotics, a young couple was standing next to me and they asked to speak to the pharmacist. The technician directed them behind the "privacy shield" which was about two steps from where I was. Not a lot of privacy, let me tell you. So I turned my back to them and was praying quietly when the young lady asked the pharmacist for the morning after pill.

What! My heart dropped to my stomach. She didn't even have a diver's license but her boyfriend did so they gave it to her. My heart was racing and I prayed harder than I had in the ER for this young woman and the choices she was making. I couldn't say a thing to her but I could pray for her.

I was so upset I cried all the way home. I asked Our Lady to drape her mantle around this young lady and to be with her and the little one she may have conceived. When I got home I went into Court's bedroom and wrapped my arms around her and asked her to pray for this young lady. I asked her to give up all her suffering from today for this young woman. I am always amazed at God's divine chess game. Why did I overhear that? Was it so I could pray for her and her boyfriend that they might see the destruction of their choices? Was it so Courtney could? I have no answers but I do have a few prayer requests:

For this young couple...God knows what they need...just pray.

For Courtney to handle the strong antibiotics well and for her infection to be healed.

For me and my beautiful daughter to be able to sleep...the entire night through.

Prayer does sustain no matter what the circumstance. It does bring peace of mind and heart and on a good day it helps your team to win! Thank you in advance for all of your prayer for Courtney and our family. We are eternally grateful for each and every one of them. We are blessed indeed.

Still Praying,

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