"It's so You!" @ phases of womanhood

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As my body and fashion tastes have changed over the years I have struggled to find the right “style.” Am I conservative, romantic or casual? What exactly is “boho chic”? In my quest to look my best I have watched many episodes of TLC’s What Not To Wear, as well as read any book I could get my hands on with the word “style” in the title.

I read about balance and proportion and how I should display “the girls” and “the junk in my trunk.” I felt more like a streetwalker than I did a modest woman who just wanted to feel pretty no matter what my size or shape. After much frustration dealing with points of views that went against my Catholic moral code I finally hit the jackpot with Mary Sheehan Warren’s It’s So You! With it’s authentic Catholic message of modesty and appreciating the body God gave you, Ms. Warren’s words were a huge encouragement to me.