"mirror, mirror" @ phases of womanhood

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of all?”
~ “Sleeping Beauty”

How many times have you stood looking at the mirror and said those very words? OK, maybe NOT those EXACT words. Maybe it sounds more like “How did those Oreos end up on my bum?” or as you try to suck in whatever will go in “ When did my middle turn into a blowfish puffing out constantly?” Or “Is that a map of India scrawled across my tummy?”

Or maybe I am the only one who has this conversation with my body every time I stand before the judge and jury better known as my mirror. There are many days it’s not a very positive conversation. It usually involves an indictment of carbohydrates or frozen dairy products. Other times it’s a new geography lesson searching for what was once north but has now gone south, permanently.