a pantry full of blessings...

So yesterday was a very busy day. Being the feast of All Souls, Courtney and I went to Arlington National Cemetery and prayed the rosary for my Dad at his graveside. This is a tradition we started after my father passed away. We not only pray for his soul but for the souls of those buried with him.
It was a solemn experience. While we were praying you could hear a twenty-one gun salute as well as a lone bugler playing Taps as soldiers and sailors were being laid to rest in other parts of the cemetery. Hearing that haunting melody brings tears to my eyes every time.
Afterwards we ran a few errands and then headed home. I was restless and needed to keep my hands busy so I decided to reorganize the pantry. It was a disaster, let me tell you! I had put it off long enough...
I worked steadily for about three hours emptying the shelves, cleaning and deciding what was going to go back in there and how I would arrange it. I have been inspired by many in the blogging world with their ideas for efficiently using space. I stopped to feed everyone dinner and then got back to it. Finally, with some help from my honey, the job was done. I even had the presence of mind to take before and after pictures. I am very pleased with the results. I am proudest of the fact that there is nothing on the floor. WooHoo! I also decided to move my baking pans to a shelf in another room to be rid of the clutter.


I am absolutely loving this space. It no longer overwhelms me when I walk in. It will make cleaning day so much easier now that everything has it's place. What do you think?? What projects have you tackled this week to free your mind and home from clutter?? Inquiring minds want to know??
Happy Homemaking!

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