some grammy love...

3 p.m. update: As you can see by the picture Courtney has a new friend. It has helped calm her somewhat. She is coughing a lot and fighting back the fever again, both signs that the game is changing. The neuro team has ordered an increase in seizure meds to cover her breakthroughs. Generally she feels yucky and when she's awake she is very agitated. So we continue to wait it out. Prayers are needed to protect her lungs and keep the seizures at bay. Keep praying...we are heading into the hard part tonight and tomorrow.

Soft bears for my girl!

Things have brightened up considerably...grammy love has arrived! Since Grandma cannot visit she has sent some sunshine for Courtney and I to enjoy. It has made the place come alive. Thanks Grammy Green...we love you!

Balloons to make us laugh...and hide the prairie dogs! Yep...I was wrong they aren't woodchucks but prairie dogs. Either way they are ugly.

Stunning flowers for Mommy!

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