7 quick takes friday (vol.14)...

This is what is going on in my kitchen. It's a happy, happy place to be today.

and after...

This past weekend I was attacked by a frozen Tupperware filled with Taco Soup when I opened the deep freeze. It landed square on my big toe. WOWZA the pain! For a brief moment I thought it was broken. Praise God it was not. That did not stop it from swelling and then within the week turning almost black. Not a pretty site at all. It completely changed my shoe choice for this weekends holiday party. Argh...

I sent J his final care package for the semester. He called this afternoon. He was so happy to have a few homemade goodies to get him through finals week. It's moments like these I enjoy being the mother of a college sophomore.
The smelly laundry...not so much!

The weather guessers say it's going to SNOW tonight! Please, Please let it be true! This 50 degree weather is driving me nuts! It's December for gracious sake!
Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

I am looking for a really good gag gift for the extended family Christmas gift exchange. The rules are it has to be $5 or under. The more ghastly the better. I am open to any and all suggestions.

Holiday Traditions Exchange 2009

I have sent the package!! I am so excited!! I will write a post on it next week.
I love surprises!

There are 20 shopping days left until Christmas. How's your list coming along?

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Happy Friday Everyone!
Blessings and Grace,